Hello Friend!



I am obsessed with Martha Stewart. Always have been. Always will be.
There is just something about her all crafting, all baking, practically perfect eleganza that I can not get enough of.

Hi, I’m Amber Dalgleish

(once more, all together now… DAL-GLEE-SH)

I’m a natural born creative who’s turned a passion for graphic design and love of crafting into a job that I love.

When I was little, I would give hand made presents for birthdays, and collected all the crafts badges at Brownie camp. In my teen years, I was the collage queen and would spend hours cutting up the latest issues of  Seventeen and Teen People to perfect my bedroom wall.

Fast forward to 2015 … (du-du-du-duuu, du-du-du-duuu) …

My boyfriend and I decided to get married! Armed with my Martha Stewart Weddings mag and Pinterest board that was years in the making, I went into wedding planning mode. I quickly realized that everything out there looked the same and nothing that I wanted was being offered. The vision in my head would not make it to reality unless I was the one to do it.

It was so much work.

And I loved it.


Creating revelry

What started out as a passion project, sparked joy inside of me and put a crazy idea in my head that I could start this little biz and help others bring their handmade dreams into reality.

I help non-traditional party throwers design and execute a hand-crafted celebration that feels unique and special and looks beautiful to boot. Although they probably have some ideas, how do you know where to start?

Do you know exactly what your party needs but don’t have the time, patience, skills, materials, organization…(I can go on) to pull off this huge hubbub?

Then think of me as one of Santa’s elves. (Except not so cold, and more stylish.)
I’LL PUT IN THE WORK THAT YOU CAN’T. I have an unwavering attention to detail and am on a constant quest to have everything looking just right when the first guest walks through the door.

If you’re lost for inspiration, well you’re in luck! I’M SERVING CREATIVITY & DESIGN INSPO!
There is creativity in everyone, some people have just forgotten where to find it. Working together helps gets the gears going, and takes the pressure off. Let’s sit down for a brainstorming sesh and get this party going.