Let’s Create Revelry, together.


Do you love the style and thoughtfulness that DIY brings to the table... but most of your Pinterest projects turn into Pinterest FAILS?
Or maybe you’re the type of person who is stressed TF OUT thinking of all the details that need to be created for the event of your dreams?

If you’ve never thrown a party before and aren’t sure how to make everything look as A-MAZING as it does in your head…
or if you’ve been to multiple weddings this year that all look the same and you know you want to personalize the heck out of yours…
or if you have so many exciting ideas but you simply don’t have the time to execute everything by yourself…
...then I have to ask:


What if
you could throw a party that is special, beautiful and personalized?
What if you could do this without feeling overwhelmed with the process?
What if you threw an event that everyone remembered?

I’ve got you!

Together: We brainstorm. Set the event design theme. Prioritize the necessities, and then...

I take all our fabulous I-could-never-do-this-myself ideas, and create all the pieces that will bring your event to life.

My name is Amber Dalgleish and I am a stationery designer and craft queen who helps non-traditional party throwers design and execute a hand-crafted celebration that feels unique, special and look so SO good.



I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to be so excited to plan the wedding of your dreams while trying to strike a balance between living up to the expectations that your guests (and even yourself!) have, while trying to capture the spirit and personality of you and your partner.
I know what it’s like living that Mom Life… trying to find the time to shower, let alone put one together for a close friend.
I know what it’s like to waste hours falling through that Pinterest rabbit hole, and yet not completing the project. Pinning ≠ doing.

In my experience, most parties are pretty. And the best parties are personal. 
But why choose? Let’s make your celebration pretty and personal!

You totally need me if

  • You are planning an event and want some hands-on help executing on your vision

  • You are not a designer or crafter but want a DIY event with a unique, cohesive look and feel

  • You are crunched for time and S T R E S S I N G out

  • You are overwhelmed with options when searching your vibe on Pinterest

  • You don’t want to do it yourself


So Let’s Do This!


Here’s the Deal

Everyone’s celebration is unique. That’s the ultimate goal here.
Because of this, I don’t offer a general package. Instead, I create one especially for you!

Kids birthday? Super fun! Bridal Shower? Let’s do it!  
Anniversary Party? Nice! Staff Retreat? <Thumbs Up>
Wedding? Classic! Baby Shower? How cute! 
Holiday party? LOVE it! Client appreciation night? Snazzy!
Party, just because? Oooo, girl! Yes!

To get those gears going, here are just a few of the things I can create for your super awesome celebration

Hand-crafted Decorations
Banners & bunting
Cake & dessert toppers
Table toppers & centrepieces
Loot bags


Printed Party Items
Invitation suites
Table numbers & Seating charts
Welcome signs
Bar sign

Once we get started, we’ll get together for a consultation call/meetup so we can get to know each other, and you can tell me all the details you’re envisioning.  After we’ve brainstormed and made a few decisions, I’ll prepare up to 3 design concepts with style guides (think colours, fonts, visual inspiration), so we can both visualize what your party will look like. Once we get that right, everything else will follow.

I can work with budgets starting at $250, but $500+ will give you the cohesive and unique party you’re looking for.

I’d love to hear what you have in mind! Fill out the form below so I can learn more.
Not sure what you want? Fill out the form anyway (with what you do know), and we will go from there. Once it’s received I’ll be in your Inbox within 48 hours with a link to schedule a free consultation call, and a proposal that’s perfect for your party!


Ready to get this party Started?
I can’t wait!

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